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Reviews for 'Expectant' debut album

'Golden Flavored Champagne Sweatshirt’s new record, like so many great boundary-breaking sonic works, says a great deal with a careful fusion of sounds. '

-tape deck podcast

'Expectant asks listeners to enter into a sound world without direction or dimension. These sounds bleed across each others’ borders, tempering rises, negating expectations and reconstructing each moment’s singular body. Like this music, the feeling of lying in wait without tangible release or dismissal can often feel uncomfortable in its sense of perpetual unknowing.'

-audrey lockie

slug mag

'It’s as though she constructs these hostile environments, reflective of the outside world and her place in it, and then she completely disarms them with the same tools used to build them. '

-jp basileo, ears to feed

'This isn't music you can listen to as background or something you're going to hear piped in to some coffee shop. This is music you have to pay attention to. '

-richard marcus


resound/vallejo, ca

Stanford University- CCRMA

Adobe Bookstore

The Knockout

Voltage Drop

ProArts Gallery music showcases

STASIS Festival of Sound

KFJC 89.7FM , Los Altos Hills

featured on ROGUE PULSE/GRAVITY COLLAPSE compilation 

worked with the RATSKIN Records collective 

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