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Shiny Abstract Texture
Parallel Lines

Personal therapy encapsulated

through audiotory and visual abstractions 


Fragmented pieces of a creative wreck


Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt 

Self taught multi disciplinary artist- electronic music producer/watercolor/pen/cross-processed photo manipulation/digital art

Musical expression is an incredibly cathartic experience. Expectant is my debut release- presented as an auditory voyage through my anxiety, confusion and depression. 

Recording music has completely changed my approach to artistry and creativity. 


Currently, in my art journey, I am pushing against the idea that my art must reflect the political aspects of my existence. I am weary of Black women having to be the pawns of men- uplifting an entire community with no compensation. Being drained by weak, “well-meaning” whites who are fueled and energized by the exploitation of  Black suffering with no real efforts for change.


Shaping my existential rage and anxiety into a journey of self actualization through color and sound has been a profound experience.

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